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McConnell's Trace HOA
Who Do I Contact?

Are you wondering who to call about your neighbor's barking dog, their unkempt yard, or other issues in the neighborhood? Here is a list of appropriate numbers to resolve a variety of problems you might be faced with:
Unkempt Yard* Call Fayette Property Management (859)317-5715
Trash cans visible in front of house* Call LexCall (859)425-2255 or 311
Barking Dogs* Call LexCall (859)425-2255 or 311
Loud Parties* Call LexCall (859)425-2255 or 311
Lexington Police (859)258-3600
Problems with Builders* Call Lexington Association of Home Builders (859)273-5117
Fence Application Call Fayette Property Management (859)317-5715
Neighborhood Deed Restriction Violations Call Fayette Property Management (859)317-5715
Advertising in Newsletter Call Barb Stucker (859)389-8331
*The city has ordinances to deal with these nuisances. Please call the numbers listed above to get the problem resolved.